What’s LinSEC?

LinSec, as the name says, is Linux Security Protection System. The main aim of LinSec is to introduce Mandatory Access Control (MAC) mechanism into Linux (as opposed to existing Discretionary Access Control mechanism). LinSec model is based on:

As for Capabilities, LinSec heavily extends the Linux native capability model to allow fine grained delegation of individual capabilities to both users and programs on the system. No more allmighty root!

Filesystem Access Domain subsystem allows restriction of accessible filesystem parts for both individual users and programs. Now you can restrict user activities to only its home, mailbox etc. Filesystem Access Domains works on device, dir and individual file granularity.

IP Labeling lists enable restriction on allowed network connections on per program basis. From now on, you may configure your policy so that no one except your favorite MTA can connect to remote port 25

Socket Access Control model enables fine grained socket access control by associating, with each socket, a set of capabilities required for a local process to connect to the socket.

For more technical information please refer to our extensive documentation.

LinSec is fully open source and is distributed under the terms and conditions of GNU General Public Licence.

Latest version

LinSec tools 0.8.1 has been released. Just a little bugfix.

LinSec 0.8.0 has been released with fully working Capability and Filesystem Access Domain models..