LinSec tools 0.8.1 has been released. Just a little bugfix.

LinSec 0.8.0 has been released with fully working Capability and Filesystem Access Domain models..


LinSec is distributed in a form of a kernel patch including both ea ( and LinSec code. To install LinSec please read through installation instructions carefully.

Every effort is made to port LinSec to new versions of both kernel and ea promptly as they arrive.

LinSec is distributed under terms & conditions of the GNU General Public Licence.

Stable releases

  • LinSec 0.8.0 patch for 2.4.18 kernel (md5sum: b894b144aad6ff6cbdd061205128c87b)
  • LinSec 0.8.1 userspace tools (md5sum: 6ef0bf79d4e9e8d10a2b388126d17017)